Just Before The Italian Qualification Exam

I have been studying for 2 months for the Italian Certification Exam (Italiano: Prova di ablità linguistica associazione linguistica italiana in giappone), perhaps only aknowledged in Japan, on Sunday. This time intermediate level.

Hoping go get translating jobs between Italian and Spanish->Japanese at present, even though already have been listening to NHK’s language TV/radio programmes for many years, I began to think for getting qualifications recently. Maybe Spanish or Italian qualification test for foreign learners in the future, traveling to Tokyo…

On 21st, Spanish exam is waiting, also intermediate level.

Not intending to expand my languages’ number, but already enjoying the different cultures from Japanese or English-speaking countries.

After the exam on Sunday, going to a lecture of “Da Vinci Code” translator originated from Kanazawa (exam takes place in Kanazawa).


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