Two Ferrets Play and Sleep Together

As I haven’t got long time to write, set aside Latin Festival and will write about my ferrets.

It’s 2 months and a bit since I adopted a big sable ferret boy, Mint. He likes to escape from upstairs and run around downstairs happily, once he nearly escaped from my home. Maybe that’s why he got lost(in Japan such cases, they are under protection of the police. Once ferrets get lost, they haven’t got instinct to return home usually).

Maybe I need a circle, but money for this disappeared for vet’s fee. Mint had ear mites, Nana had bowel problem and prescribed lactic acid bacteria, which she liked much.

These days, it became quite chilly, I pulled out a hammock made by fleece. two are sleeping well like this. When released, often they are found in my futon, curled.

And more, the two have become playing together.

Many ferret owners have multiple ferrets, it’s because they are social.


My Cat Has Disappeared to Somewhere.

After I was back from The White Hart, my cat Me-ke was meowing very loudly. Heard that she was not well afterward from my mother.

Next morning, she disappeared.

In Japan, an old saying is that “cats hide themselves when their death approach”. So I’m worried.

My Colleagues?

As written in “About”, I’ve got a ferret and a cat. Good companions for a person who works at home. About ferrets it’s over 10 years history of having ones, regarding cats, since I was an elementary school kid.

Many stray cats came and stayed with us somehow, and among them now we have Me-ke (means three colours). Very typical Japanese name for cats. Because many customers visiting my parents’ shop say “Oh, you are Me-ke chan!”. So she finally thought she was Me-ke herself.

Recent shot of her. At least 19 yo, perhaps over 90 yo if she was a human. She doesn’t need remaining food in the dish anymore (typical for cats).

When she wants food (Japanese cats love fish, and she prefers certain blandbrand of canned tuna only), silently sits in front of her dish in presence of somebody. Sometimes, she urges me saying meow.

And my ferrets. I had 5 so far, and one of them I could not care because I passed him to ex-husband. After I came back to Toyama, had 3 in all. Only 1 is still alive. Her name is Nana, girls’ name here and also means “seven”. Some people who are the fan of Japanese manga might remember that there is a piece called “Nana”.

It’s very difficult to take photos of ferrets. They move so fast. Considering of buying an out-of-date digital single-lens reflex camera, but might be I could get a coupon for updating my outdated smartphone, maybe situation would be better, so I hope.