Washi (Japanese Paper) Shop at Kanazawa

Again, as I needed to go to clinic at Kanazawa, and promised to visit my net friend whom I met at the F2F party while her working time at the “washi” shop.

In Kanazawa, there are two big rivers. One is Sai River, another is Asano River. Haven’t been to Asano River side for long,  I’ve lost the direction. Anyway arrived at the shop finally.

Washi- Japanese paper- is made of wood. It used to be utilised to many ways, such as books, lanterns, arts and crafts…it’s strong and can stand hundreds of years.

The address contains the name of the river.

Inside the cozy showroom, numerous rolls of washi were displayed in order. I should have taken their photo.

It’s a craft kit, you can make miniature size of kimono.

Kanazawa is also famous for “mizuhiki”. It’s made of washi, looks like string, and used for engagement ceremony or envelopes of gift money at wedding. Two pics of gift money bags’  are as follows.

Mizuhiki is also used for crafts.

You can make tapestries, curtains, screens, lamps etc. using washi. Some were very tempting but I had very little in my pocket this time (or this month). And as I’ve got mischievous ferret, no idea what she will do to nice washi indirect lightning on the floor…

So what I’ve bought in the end.

Since I’m thinking of buying a photograph of certain size, instead of getting a frame, making it like a tapestry using this might be a good idea. Of course, ironing is needed before making it tapestry.

A close-up. You can see fibres of wood.

Asakura Shigyo Ltd.
(only in Japanese, still you can enjoy images)
1-10-8 Asanohonmachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa, 920-0841


As a token of thanks to Matsui-san…


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