Japanese Cotton Handkerchief (Tenugui) Shop, Anzu

When I go to Kanazawa to go to clinic, sometimes enjoy shopping like this.

I was wondering what this shop was from the long time before. Actually it turned out that it’s Tenugui shop.

Kanazawa has lots of local and special veggies.

Displayed like this. Small bag (kinchaku) and cases for smartphones are also aveilable.

In Japan, sometimes “I’ll rest my bone” means “I’m going to take a rest”.

Although I didn’t have extra money to buy it, but after heard dyeing manufacturer stopped making this one, changed a mind. It’s so well dyed. It’s a shortest prayer in Buddhism, Hannya Shinkyo, in Japanese about 300 letters.

44 Daiku-machi Kanazawa City
Tel 076-221-1787


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