A Pet Gone , New Pet Came

My Cat Has Disappeared to Somewhere.

Couldn’t write because I’ve lost will to post in English(somehow, in Japanese okay), this summer (and even September) was super hot! Now fatigue after heat is coming to me… or maybe I’m a bit depressive. But anyway I’m fine!

Our ex-stray cat has disappeared on 29th July, and never came back. Still I think about her, when I see pics of someone’s cats. Scanning her old photos to make a photo album. As I live with old parents, even they love cats they cannot have a new one cause he/she might live longer than them.

Then, in August, I’ve heard about a lost ferret nearby via the net. Eventually I had a long drive to take him and got him, named Mint, he’s about 1 yo big sable boy(1.40 kg and looks very big). Being very tamed from the first, these days he started gently bite me, and lick me (if ferrets bite in their utmost power, they could make a hole in our hand). Probably he is beginning to regard me as his friend. Of course, on calling “Come on, Mint”, he eventually comes to me after he has fooled around me.

Recently he likes to hide in “oshiire”, sort of Japanese closet where we put futons, clothes and needless things.

The problem was Nana, who was already living here. She fell a bit ill, lost considerable weight. I needed to separate cages, as well as ferrets,  and weigh how much she ate every day, plus giving her prescribed lactic acid bacteria etc., (nice thing was she quite fond of it). Since August, went to vet several times.

Now all was settled down, they play together sometimes, not always but sleep together at times.

Not well taken but it’s the moment they’re together.

Above tube is called Super Thru-way by company called Marshall, about max. of 6m length, my fuzzies like to dive into it. Ferrets love hole or narrow places by nature.

Holding two ferrets in my arms is quite happy moment.

No idea how much ppl are reading this periodically, will update more regularly.


The Memorial Day For The End Of The War and My Grandparents’ Memory

On the 15th, it was the Memorial Day For The End Of the WWII.

No ordinary Japanese had known this, on that day they’ve told to come in front of the radio, then (secretly recorded) emperor’s voice started. It was difficult to hear what he meant(I hear quality of broadcast was not good) but grown-up understood the war was over, some began to sob. Children sensed that by watching adults.

BTW, my grandfather who passed away 3 years ago in the age of 101 was once served Army. He fought against China in Japan-China War, he didn’t talk about it much but perhaps desperate for participating the war. He lost his men in the battle, as well as Chinese enemy. He used to live in China(Manchuria) and missed there in later life.

In the WWII he was in the intelligent sector.

After the war he got married and became a farmer, broke the land alone and made it to rice fields or veggie fields. He was late 30s then. There were lots of critical moments when rice for family was gone then. When we visited, both of grandparents looked very happy, my grandfather let us ride his tractor, gave us lots of vegetables or fruits.

But in the calm and happy life, he could never forget about the war. Used to read lots about it alone and silently, and according to my mother, one day he just said “how absurd!”.

I hear even among Nazi members there were family oriented men. I’m not saying every Japanese soldiers were actually good men(But too much exaggerated in bad way, especially in the film industry, I suppose). Just saying in every country involved in every war, there are some portion of honest people and they suffer for a long time after the war. In that sense, I’m proud of him being such a hard-working, modest, honest and thoughtful person.

Lastly, my grandmother already sensed that Japan was losing the war around in 1945. Perhaps it’s not only her thinking in that way.

Below link has extensive information about the war.

56 years ago

My Brother’s New Home Viewing Mt. Fuji

My brother’s home has finished construction in the end of March. I was not aware of that very much as my mother who lives with me. Living with old parents is difficult sometimes, but for now cannot help – it’s sometimes called “parasite children”. In Japan, sometimes single children stay with their parents, but considering that parents get older and need assistance, it’s not bad for them sometimes.

Anyway, she often told me, “It’s their matter, I don’t ask”. But in fact she is sometimes sending big boxes of Toyama food to his family. Especially for her loving grandsons. She’s got thank-you phone calls, actually she knew about progress!

Lately a bunch of photos came from Kanagawa Pref.(his place is about 50 away from Tokyo metropolitan area) as usual, most of them were of home being built, one of them there was a photo of room that you can view Mt. Fuji. Closer look, if you climb it’s not very beautiful with garbage, still its beauty is very special. It was my brother’s room.

People from Toyama feel unstable in other places, because they feel relaxed to see great mountains over 3000 metres when it’s fine. He was out of town when he was young, no longer speaks our dialect when back home, but after all he is from here.

Mt. Tate from Toyama City (Link to photographer’s page)