Latin Festival in Toyama (2)(Sep 15&16, 2012)

Failed to write, this is an official blog of Latin Festival in Toyama
Link(only Japanese)

From the entry 1. Around the evening, dances have started on the stage. Very neat.

Another dance.

Greeting from the dancers.


Inca Cola(golden colour, slightly sweet. Perhaps 150 yen) and Linguiça (sausage) which Japan-Brazil Friendship Association members were baking. There was a friendly Japanese-Brazilian lady and we talked a while, got an invitation to join to association.

The head of association himself was baking them. 400 yen and very juicy.

Later on my way home, bought guarana juice(150 yen, perhaps). Ordinary taste.

Accompanied with such food and drinks, listened the live of WAYNO. It’s a folklore band consists of one Japanese and Latinamericanos such as Peruvian. I’ve known them from several years before, but not having chance to hear them play. This stage’s PA was not good enough, so couldn’t hear what they were talking in MC, although the play was terrific.

Luis Vircherrez(quena, zampona)
Francisco Rodriguez(guitar)
Leider A Dorado(charango)
Cesar Fereira(percussion)
Hideji Taninaka(bass)

Last year’s play. It was raining.

WAYNO’s flag taken in daytime.

The band, playing.

Full of crowd.

In the last part, dancers appeared before came again. Not well taken, this is a best shot.

My new sneakers were not fit, pain in my feet, got back to souvenir shop and bought this. About 200 yen or 300 yen. Nazca Geoglyphs carved in small stones. Hummingbird was so normal, I thought , so chose Owl man.

Actual Nazca Geoglyph From “YUSUKE’s blog”

So I’ve bought garana juice in Brazilian stand, took a Centram and went home. I’ve missed to taste lots of things, maybe will try next year.

Lastly, garana juice.


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