Latin Festival in Toyama (2)(Sep 15&16, 2012)

Failed to write, this is an official blog of Latin Festival in Toyama
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From the entry 1. Around the evening, dances have started on the stage. Very neat.

Another dance.

Greeting from the dancers.


Inca Cola(golden colour, slightly sweet. Perhaps 150 yen) and Linguiça (sausage) which Japan-Brazil Friendship Association members were baking. There was a friendly Japanese-Brazilian lady and we talked a while, got an invitation to join to association.

The head of association himself was baking them. 400 yen and very juicy.

Later on my way home, bought guarana juice(150 yen, perhaps). Ordinary taste.

Accompanied with such food and drinks, listened the live of WAYNO. It’s a folklore band consists of one Japanese and Latinamericanos such as Peruvian. I’ve known them from several years before, but not having chance to hear them play. This stage’s PA was not good enough, so couldn’t hear what they were talking in MC, although the play was terrific.

Luis Vircherrez(quena, zampona)
Francisco Rodriguez(guitar)
Leider A Dorado(charango)
Cesar Fereira(percussion)
Hideji Taninaka(bass)

Last year’s play. It was raining.

WAYNO’s flag taken in daytime.

The band, playing.

Full of crowd.

In the last part, dancers appeared before came again. Not well taken, this is a best shot.

My new sneakers were not fit, pain in my feet, got back to souvenir shop and bought this. About 200 yen or 300 yen. Nazca Geoglyphs carved in small stones. Hummingbird was so normal, I thought , so chose Owl man.

Actual Nazca Geoglyph From “YUSUKE’s blog”

So I’ve bought garana juice in Brazilian stand, took a Centram and went home. I’ve missed to taste lots of things, maybe will try next year.

Lastly, garana juice.


Latin Festival in Toyama 1 (Sep 15th&16th, 2012)

Finally I have a time to write proper post because I’ve done two language exams!

I have been interested in this festival from before, and this 3rd time, it was not held at Kansui Park (the north exit side of Toyama Station) where I’m not hanging around, instead Grand Plaza next to Daiwa Department Store. So I went to see what was going on. As there are lots of photos, two entries.

Went to Kinokuniya Book Store in Daiwa, paid fee for Spanish exam.

Around the time I went(3pm), brass band performance was over, but seats were quite occupied enough you cannot find the seat to sit easily. And seats were full later…

These are seats quite in front. This sort of flag is of WAYNO, folklore band. I’ve known them from some time ago, and was looking forward to listening to them on live.

First, you buy food ticket of 1000 yen, equivalent of 1100 yen. Then bought Cusqueña, Peruvian beer, and Pão de queijo, cheese bread from Brazil.

Thus I wandered around shops in pleasantly drunken mood.

I’ve promised the shop owner man to introduce his shop on the net, but sorry, the name of the shop cannot be seen! OMG. Really sorry. He was so kind and generous.

There were so many souvenirs of Andes, among of them I’ve purchased a key ring of zampoña. It’s like a pan flute, and you can play this small key ring! About 300 yen. My favourite instrument.

People gathering to the shop.

Later, I’ve found an arpa! It’s south american harp, and its tone is brighter than western one.

Also, some drums.

A stuffed alpaca, so fluffy.

I went back to this shop later on(in Part 2).

There was also an instrument shop selling quenas, cross flutes, guitars, charangos (sort of guitar) and Latin CDs. As a former (western) flute player, I was eager to play quena and zampoña, only to fail. I can emit a slight tone, but that’s all. I really wanted Latin CDs if my budget permitted…

A guitar.

If the owner comes back next year, even I cannot buy instrument(then I will need to practice), would buy something else.

Go back to foods. I cannot remember what it was, some mincemeat was in and it was fried.  Some kind of croquette?

The things listed here I almost missed because the Brazilian sausage I ate later was so giant, anyway they sold foods like this.

As the night approaches, on the stage they are more energetic. One thing to complain, it cannot helped because it’s (half) outside, this Grand Plaza is not suitable for listening to live music performance…but I’m just a listner, not a professional.

Still I enjoyed dances and music of several countries. Will write soon.

Colourful Portram(1)

The other day, while I was having a tea with my friend after lunch in the north Exit of Toyama Station, saw so many Portrams passing by. They came quite frequently.

Thinking of taking pics cause I know some train maniac ppl worldwide are interested in such trams.

As a tree hindered our view, could not take many, there are 7 colours of trams. Didn’t know until I saw it by my own eyes.

For the rest of the colours, I’ll try to go there near future and take some pics.

Kaisen-don(sashimi on rice) lunch

Yesterday, I’ve been to lunch near of Toyama station with one of my friends.

Although it was still noon, cheers by beer.

It’s the lunch. On the warm rice, there are many kinds of sashimi. Also, Japanese pickles and miso-soup. Sashimi  was fresh and yummy, but what I’m eating usually isn’t also that bad. My nearest supermarket has variety of fish from Himi (famous for fresh fish all over Japan).

Konbu-jime, Toyama’s specialty. They sandwich sashimi with seaweed called konbu.

The shop was on the north exit of Toyama station, I’ve seen a lot of Portrams afterwards while we were having tea. I didn’t know they have broad range of colour. Maybe I’ll go there again to take some pics.

Gigantic Watermelons from Toyama – Joys of Summer

Today I’ve been to local shopping centre to return DVDs. Unfortunately I was 7 mins late, DVDs were treated as delayed, had to pay the arrear of 480 yen for the ones I’ve rent in 200 yen. Ouch! I’ve once paid 3000 yen! Such a money!

As it’s already so hot as 10:00am, went around the shops and found them.

Very big watermelon. Perhaps about 20 kg. It’s from Kurobe, if you know Toyama already, it’s a place of Kurobe Dam, and Tateyama Kurobe Alpen Route.

We have a custom of sending gifts (usually foods) each other in summer and winter, in my family between relatives. Former is called o-chugen and latter is called o-seibo. In such periods gift corners appear in shops.

One another shot.

We eat lots of watermelons generally in summer. But how long does it take if you get such a big watermelon?

Been To The Pub “The White Hart”

Well, thanks so much of many “Like” and PVs I’ve never had. I didn’t know but this pub was publicised by TV advert, I had many Googits in my Japanese version blog.

So I’ve been to The White Hart on the opening day on 27th. Besides of James, Noel, Carly and Tomomi(James’ wife), there was a man identical to James, I was very surprised. He was James and Noel’s brother, MikeMark. He’s just come here by Virgin Atlantic, will be staying in Japan.

Entering in small lane in Otaya town, Western-style pub was surrounded by Japanese-style flower decorations.

(Click to enlarge)

What I brought is here, by Mr. Fujiki of Matsuda Garden in Toyama City, I wondered it might have been a bit small…

Surprisingly, it’s artificial.

My first order. Brands of beer is still limited, such as Premium Malts(Japanese so-so expensive bland, lager) and Guiness, I’ve ordered London Pride (13:39 added: according to Noel, “More beer options coming soon hopefully, a mix of the best Japanese craft beer and some great English options”).

As I can’t tell the taste of beer very much, ordered rum&cola using Habana Club. Never really tasted Cuban Rum. They are serving a mix of strong spirits such as whiskey, rum, vodka etc and soft drinks. I’ve ordered twice, quite strong.

For Tsukidashi(in Japan, they take charge, instead some snacks accompany), mixed nuts and this.

Closer look, the Hashioki (you place chopsticks) is deer-shaped! Cute!

BTW, I haven’t confirmed only to Noel, James and Mike Mark are big football fan. So there are autographed uniforms of football players.

Somehow, there were many chilled Redbull.

On the right side of the counter, vodka and rum.

On the left, whiskeys. Some single malts were seen.

In the pub, Buntings which Carly made were decorated all over the place. She did by herself, until she had pain in her hand.

Beside of this flag, there was bigger one and messages from their messagesstudents were being written in. But while I was chatting, the bar was beginning to be full, I thought it might not be a good idea to take a pic. Maybe next time. If I got to write something, “Players must be sixteen or over” 🙂

Monochrome photos which Noel and Carly taken.

I managed to catch the train one before the last. As it was a bit late.

Full of flowers…

This pub is near to Gascon, the bar I like, so maybe I’ll bar-hop in the near future.

Address: 2-7 Otaya machi, Takaoka City (in the back of Hotel New Otani Takaoka)
Tel (0)766 21 6333

Appendix: Happy Olympic!

English Language Teachers open an English Pub-“The White Hart” in Takaoka

Careful readers might have noticed there was a link to “Oddesey Blog” under the category of “English Learning”. That’s the school I’m learning British English privately for a year. In Japan schools having big networks over the nation is generally popular, but this school is quite at home and local.

James Faucett, originated from London is running the school, recently his brother Noel and Carly Seller(latter two are naturally photographers) joined. Now I’m visiting to Noel’s place and chatting for 1 hour, once a month.

And more, they’ll open a pub!

There is a symbol drawing which Carly has drawn, lovely albino white deer, but it’s invisible in this photo.

(inserted at 23:03)

Opening party is 27th!
I’m not a party girl at all, but maybe will attend and have a couple of drinks.

The White Hart
2-7 Otaya machi, Takaoka City, Toyama 933-0029
Tel:(0)766 21 6333
Open: From 27th 8pm

During the Olympic season, they’ll be open until late.

Trams in Toyama(2)- Centram

I’ve surprised to get accesses for tram post.

Does that mean there are many tram otaku :-)?

The other day, finally I’ve enjoyed taking Centram, so here to report.

Didn’t know there was a new station here. “Grand Plaza” is a multi-purpose space adjacent to the department store Daiwa. Made to get back shoppers from suburban.

Here it comes!

Got on! It’s inside. To avoid takingto take a photo of somebody’s face, it was the best shot I could.

It was not apparent in the upper photos, in the body of tram a thunderbird is drawn. We can see the birds in high mountain, and Toyama is one of the place they live. We even have the express called “Thunderbird”. Once seen the bird in Mt. Norikura (neighbouring Gifu Prefecture) by a school trip when I was a kid.

Actually I’ve witnessed Portram too, but it went away soon. Hopefully take some pics ASAP.

Trams in Toyama

For some reason, I’m temporarily stopping driving a car.

In Toyama City, sometimes using trams to move. It comes every 5 to 10 mins in daytime, quite convenient.

There seems to be two companies running trams now – Toyama Light Rail and Toyama Local Railway. Both has no English website, but English Wikipedias are available.

Toyama Light Rail Toyamakō Line

The Toyamakō Line (富山港線 Toyamakō-sen?) is a tram line of Toyama Light Rail in the city of Toyama, the capital of Toyama Prefecture. The line runs from Toyamaekikita, right next to Toyama Station, bounds for north to Iwasehama in a town of the Toyama Port on Sea of Japan.[1]

Pic taken from the Wikipedia above.

This tram is called “Portram”. And another one is,

Toyama Chihō Railway(some say Toyama Local Railway, like above).

The Toyama Chihō Railway (富山地方鉄道 Toyama Chihō Tetsudō?, “Toyama Regional Railway”) is a transportation company in Toyama, Toyama, Japan. The company is commonly known as Chitetsu (地鉄?). The private company operates railway, tram, and bus lines in the eastern part of the prefecture.

There are several types of trams running. Newest trams “Centram” are not running regularly and I haven’t taken it yet. Though, when I was walking down the street in Toyama City the other day, saw a new tram.

And its route is as below:

I didn’t know one route has added!

I’m not sure of city’s plan for future, but heard that all tram route will be connected in the end. There are only several cities in Japan where trams are running. So these are subject to drawing attention from other area, even abroad.

Toyama Suiboku Museum(1) -What is Suibokuga?

Suibokuga is a style of painting originated from China. To paint, you use Chinese brush and black ink (very hard to wash off if it splashes to your clothes).

In my university days, just a short period I belonged to the Japanese Calligraphy Club, and in there some senpais(seniors)were adding beautiful drawings along with their calligraphy. Actually they were in colours, not precisely called suibokuga.

Suibokuga is painted only in black Chinese ink, and expressed its degree of thickness.

From the images from Wikipedia in Japanese, you can see how they look like.

(Click to enlarge)

“Pine Grove”(Tohaku Hasegawa, 1539-1610), National Tresure.

“Landscapes of autumn and winter”, Muromachi Period
(Sessyu, 1420-1502/1506), National Treasure. Sessyu was a priest.

In Toyama City, they bulit a Suibokuga Museum in 1999. Haven’t had a chance to visit, and in my first visit couldn’t see suibokuga because I’ve missed the train, in the next post will write what I’ve seen in there.

Toyama Suiboku Museum (in Japanese Only, with sound, uses Macromedia Flash)

(June 21 at 20:30, corrected museum’s name)