A Pet Gone , New Pet Came

My Cat Has Disappeared to Somewhere.

Couldn’t write because I’ve lost will to post in English(somehow, in Japanese okay), this summer (and even September) was super hot! Now fatigue after heat is coming to me… or maybe I’m a bit depressive. But anyway I’m fine!

Our ex-stray cat has disappeared on 29th July, and never came back. Still I think about her, when I see pics of someone’s cats. Scanning her old photos to make a photo album. As I live with old parents, even they love cats they cannot have a new one cause he/she might live longer than them.

Then, in August, I’ve heard about a lost ferret nearby via the net. Eventually I had a long drive to take him and got him, named Mint, he’s about 1 yo big sable boy(1.40 kg and looks very big). Being very tamed from the first, these days he started gently bite me, and lick me (if ferrets bite in their utmost power, they could make a hole in our hand). Probably he is beginning to regard me as his friend. Of course, on calling “Come on, Mint”, he eventually comes to me after he has fooled around me.

Recently he likes to hide in “oshiire”, sort of Japanese closet where we put futons, clothes and needless things.

The problem was Nana, who was already living here. She fell a bit ill, lost considerable weight. I needed to separate cages, as well as ferrets,  and weigh how much she ate every day, plus giving her prescribed lactic acid bacteria etc., (nice thing was she quite fond of it). Since August, went to vet several times.

Now all was settled down, they play together sometimes, not always but sleep together at times.

Not well taken but it’s the moment they’re together.

Above tube is called Super Thru-way by company called Marshall, about max. of 6m length, my fuzzies like to dive into it. Ferrets love hole or narrow places by nature.

Holding two ferrets in my arms is quite happy moment.

No idea how much ppl are reading this periodically, will update more regularly.


Attending Niigata Science Cafe

On Aug 25th, I set out to neighbouring Niigata to attend “Niigata Science Cafe”. Took a long-distance coach around 7:50, rode on a motorway for about 3 and half hours.

Between the boundary of Toyama and Niigata, there is a sea called “Oya-Shirazu”, means “Don’t care for parents”. Precisely, “Don’t care for parents, nor children”. Because of turbulent waves, parent and child passed by used to escape without minding the other in the old days.

Now, it’s just a clear and quiet sea, if you had an eye you could find jade stones.

There is a break-time, at a rest area. You can get drinks, meals and souvenirs.

Around noon, our coach reached to Niigata City.

My lunch. A soba in a container called “Hegi”, thus called “Hegi Soba”. This one contained some sea vegetables.

With full stomach, I headed to the bookshop which the cafe was held, located the other side of Niigata Station(below).

This is inside gigantic Junkdo bookstore, first basement. Tons of medical, science, arts…etc.

There was a space for multi-purpose with a piano, accompanied by a tea shop. You pay for a drink and listen to what lecturers say.

I arrived too early for the second lecture I was attending, so went round a store and had some chat with staffs.

Voluntary staffs. Because this day’s theme was “elements”. Cool T-shirts.

A publisher specialised in chemistry, Kagaku-dojin released cards called “Elemen-tramp”. It’s a set of playing cards available from elementary school children, consisting of elements and elementary particles(perhaps latter are like Jokers). The rule is somewhat like Pokemon cards, maybe children would get used to it sooner. For me, it was a bit confusing.

Kids played them before the lecture.

Now the time of the talk…

Mr. Kentaro Sato studied organic chemistry (like me), got master’s degree, and worked for certain pharmaceutical company for 15 years. He is an owner of the blog called “Organic Chemistry Museum-branch(in Japanese only)“and actively writing about chemistry with beautiful computer graphics. His lecture was named “113 Elements Consists The World, Get Closer To Their Truth”.

Very enjoyable topic, but he told he was thinking to talk it somewhere else later, I wouldn’t spill out what I’ve heard.

Just one pic. Pure Cesium crystal. It’s a hot element in Japan after quake and accident of atomic power station, although most of cesium is not radioactive.

I was invited to some drinks, but regretfully needed to take a returning coach soon. I’ll write here soon, got a new ferret 1 week before that and needed to care of him.

From the bus, a beautiful sunset was seen. It was really hot this summer, indeed…

Soon it was gone, instead a half-moon appeared. Not taken well with my Android.

Then Android’s battery was gone, so I concentrated on the book I’ve taken with me. Walked from nearest train station, arrived home at 10:30. Two fuzzies were waiting for me.

It turned out that Niigata was not so far, even it’s a quite long (north to south) Prefecture. If I had a chance, like to visit this cafe again!