This is a branch blog of Translabo website, owned by Hiroko Yoshida, mainly chemical/technical E to J translator. Originated from Toyama, educated in Kanazawa and Tokyo, temporary lived in Hiroshima.

Breaf introduction of Toyama: a snow country with occasional sunlight around the centre of Japan, facing Japan Sea and having Japan North Alps. Food in general is nice enough to let one hesitate to move to another place. People are rather conservative and profession like me is quite rare.

Inspired by a certain blog, felt like to restart blog in English. Hugely interested in languages in general,   have plunged into English, German, Chinese, ancient Greek…. although my experience studying abroad is just 3 weeks. Only I mastered was just English, still aiming to be fluent in Spanish and Italian. Also, experienced 2 years’ teaching Japanese to Chinese ladies living here.

After many years of suffering, finally diagnosed as bipolar several years ago when I cannot remember. With benefit, managing to make ends meet but perhaps I don’t look like a so much crazy! Probably I could tell you about Japanese darker side.

A ferret Nana and  an old cat Me-ke are my treasure. Also, a proud aunt of 3 nephews and 1 niece.

Facebook:snowiee97(usually in bilingual)
Twitter:chiruru(mainly in Japanese)


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