Japanese Cotton Handkerchief (Tenugui) Shop, Anzu

When I go to Kanazawa to go to clinic, sometimes enjoy shopping like this.

I was wondering what this shop was from the long time before. Actually it turned out that it’s Tenugui shop.

Kanazawa has lots of local and special veggies.

Displayed like this. Small bag (kinchaku) and cases for smartphones are also aveilable.

In Japan, sometimes “I’ll rest my bone” means “I’m going to take a rest”.

Although I didn’t have extra money to buy it, but after heard dyeing manufacturer stopped making this one, changed a mind. It’s so well dyed. It’s a shortest prayer in Buddhism, Hannya Shinkyo, in Japanese about 300 letters.

44 Daiku-machi Kanazawa City
Tel 076-221-1787


Higashiyama – Old Town of Geisha

After leaving the washi shop, I headed to Asano River. It was the place kimono, Kanazawa’s original Yuzens were washed before sawn.

According to this blog writer, the remaining person that washing Yuzen in Asano River is only one now.


It looks peaceful but this river floods sometimes.

In my university days Higashiyama was not so famous to outside Ishikawa people I suppose, but then it was rebuilt for tourists, every time I see here on TV travellers in TV always go here.

Actually Higashi-Chayagai is the very small lane, but Higashiyama (literally, “east mountain”) is wider.

Many ordinary ppl live aside from souvenir shops or restaurants.

Most old houses are like these; of course made of wood.

Probably, not sure, it’s a very posh restaurant. “Ichigen-san”, first time customer would be refused.

And it’s a poster of Geisha Dancing Festival.

It was around twilight, some people were walking with their dogs.

Lights began to lit…

And at a shrine too…

As I walked quite a lot, on the way back to Kanazawa Station, took some rest on the banks of the river.

My souvenir. Natural salt made by authentic process in Noto Peninsula (North of Kanazawa). 500 yen.

It’s a shame because I took quite a lot of pics…

Washi (Japanese Paper) Shop at Kanazawa

Again, as I needed to go to clinic at Kanazawa, and promised to visit my net friend whom I met at the F2F party while her working time at the “washi” shop.

In Kanazawa, there are two big rivers. One is Sai River, another is Asano River. Haven’t been to Asano River side for long,  I’ve lost the direction. Anyway arrived at the shop finally.

Washi- Japanese paper- is made of wood. It used to be utilised to many ways, such as books, lanterns, arts and crafts…it’s strong and can stand hundreds of years.

The address contains the name of the river.

Inside the cozy showroom, numerous rolls of washi were displayed in order. I should have taken their photo.

It’s a craft kit, you can make miniature size of kimono.

Kanazawa is also famous for “mizuhiki”. It’s made of washi, looks like string, and used for engagement ceremony or envelopes of gift money at wedding. Two pics of gift money bags’  are as follows.

Mizuhiki is also used for crafts.

You can make tapestries, curtains, screens, lamps etc. using washi. Some were very tempting but I had very little in my pocket this time (or this month). And as I’ve got mischievous ferret, no idea what she will do to nice washi indirect lightning on the floor…

So what I’ve bought in the end.

Since I’m thinking of buying a photograph of certain size, instead of getting a frame, making it like a tapestry using this might be a good idea. Of course, ironing is needed before making it tapestry.

A close-up. You can see fibres of wood.

Asakura Shigyo Ltd.
(only in Japanese, still you can enjoy images)
1-10-8 Asanohonmachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa, 920-0841


As a token of thanks to Matsui-san…

Japanese Style Tavern Itaru at Kanazawa

Itaru has over 10 years history, main tavern is in the same Kakinoki-batake area, though where we went was a different branch called Uoyaki Itaru.

They have 3 shops in all. About 5 people gathered, for the second time to meet. Strangely, they all carry smartphone and take photos whenever dishes arrives…:-)

(Click to enlarge)


You know we take off shoes inside the building. This shop’s shoes box was like that. Looks like a one of public bath.

Its interior is very impressive.
This photo, could not well taken, shows the illumination which light passes through the Japanese paper(washi), making soft atmosphere.

Which to decide…

Beer, first. Usually Most Japanese beer is lager. YEBISU, this one is said to be delicious and expensive (sorry, I can’t tell beer taste. Just don’t know).

In Japanese tavern, some small dish called “otooshi” comes along with the booze. Seems to be included in the fee.

Japanese ivory shell accompanied as “otooshi”.

Tohu salad.

We often eat boiled spinach etc. with Japanese soup stock and soy sauce, and it’s Kaga(around Kanazawa Area)Vegetable called “kinjiso”. They have many rare veggies, but sadly it’s not very kinji-so like. It should be sticky like natto.

Someone ordered. Harumaki (Chinese spring roll) was yummy.

Nuta of scad. I eat scads quite a lot. “Nuta” is a dish eaten with miso and vinegar. This presentation is beautiful. Everyone was excited.

Name forgotten, but everyone besides me told that it’s often eaten in Kanazawa. I was an only one from Toyama(July 22th added: it’s “Nodoguro”, very typical Kanazawa fish).

Again, scad. when deep-fried, you can eat even bones.

Oysters from Noto (long peninsula in Ishikawa) is in season. Sadly again, I didn’t think it’s so nice. Of course it was fresh.

About plum liquor, I’ll explain further soon.

We usually eat some rice or noodle.
Someone ordered “Ochazuke(rice with tea poured on it)” and shared it to me. We share everything.

As the last train approaching, I hurriedly left the shop, refusing the offer of owner to serve ice cream :-(.

Plus, there was no bus because it was Saturday, needed to take a taxi to the station.

(July 22nd added)
Shop info: Uoyaki Itaru
2-8 Kakinoki-batake, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
Tel: (0)76-233-1147
Closed:Sundays(if Monday is a holiday, opened)
Seats :16 seats at counter, 25 seats at table(on tatami, I remember).

Bargain Sale Started in Kanazawa & Tanabata Decoration

On Saturday, I took a train to Kanazawa for a drink as a Twitter F2F (face to face) party.

On the way, I’ve found that Bargain has already started (also in Toyama). Bit early to start in June, I suppose? Because I’ve reduced lots of meds and lost weight quite a lot since last year, had to buy many T-shirts, a couple of cotton shirts and summer trousers since May, of course choosing time when small sales are held.

So no need to buy things anymore, even got a pair of sandals already, just looking whilst passing by.

Yukata (summer cotton kimno) was also on sale.

There is a renewed fashion building called “Linto” adjacent to Kanazawa Station. I often go to book store, and sometimes having pasta there.

After taking bus to centre of the city and got off, found Tanabata decoration.

Tanabata(July 7th) is based on a romantic Chinese myth, in which lovers Hikoboshi (star Altair) and Orihime (“hime” means “princess”-star Vega) can see each other once a year across the Milky Way. If it rains on this day, they can’t meet.


In the next post, I’ll introduce you a Japanese style tavern.

Lady Kaga

Lady Kaga means “Women from Kaga who have spirits of hospitality”, according to the video description below.
Kaga is an old name of Southern Ishikawa Prefecture.

Being our neighbouring Prefecture, Ishikawa is rich in onsens(hot spring). In addition, it’s a tourism town and one of many “Little Kyotos”. Historic architectures (because it haven’t burned down in WWII like Toyama), super famous garden Kenrokuen and geisya area Higashi-chaya gai, so every time I go there to consult my clinic, see many tourists, some are from abroad.

Actually I’m not so interested in onsens so much in general. Basically it’s for group starting 2 to 4, if company trips more than ten, and I love to travel alone. Luxury hotels and too gorgeous meals are too much for me. So I haven’t got much to say about Yamanaka onsen. Cheaper “Super-Sento (I’ll write in the future soon)” is just enough.

Anyway, they started advertising borrowing the name of Gaga. Video is nice and impactful, I have to say.

Here’s a poster I found at Kanazawa Station.

Hope many tourists will visit Yamanaka onsen!