Umeshu(Japanese plum liquor) Is Done

My post in last summer: Umeshu (Japanese plum liquor)

To make umeshu, you need plums (usually 1kg), crystal sugar (I use about 400-500g) and liquor called “white liquor”, which is kind of shocyu (1.8L).
This year, I used brandy instead.

After waiting 3 months, you can taste it finally. Although there are aged umeshu like old whiskey.

I don’t know what is appropriate for this liquor, and chose some natural cheese (I like it very much!) or Japanese pears.

Served in the glass.

Japanese pear. It’s very tasty and sweet in here, but not very known to rest of Japan. A mug(mine) is for size comparison.


Fukushima’s Peaches Were Back To The Market, and Popular

This summer,  peaches from Fukushima are back.

Farmers did decontamination very thoroughly, and radiation is ND (not-detected). They sold peaches also on the net, and I’m the one who ordered them to JA Date, too. Now waiting them to come.

In Tokyo, seen the pic they are selling them on the road.

In Toyama, such as Yamanashi Pref, Nagano Pref are main places where peaches come from. Never tasted “a bit hard” Fukushima ones.

And also, when someone started conversation on twitter “hands-up if you have had Fukushima peaches!” many ppl did so, it became a tweet collection like this. So many ppl participated. (Japanese)

Next comes Japanese pears and rice, but as for these Toyama is not losing:)

Kaisen-don(sashimi on rice) lunch

Yesterday, I’ve been to lunch near of Toyama station with one of my friends.

Although it was still noon, cheers by beer.

It’s the lunch. On the warm rice, there are many kinds of sashimi. Also, Japanese pickles and miso-soup. Sashimi  was fresh and yummy, but what I’m eating usually isn’t also that bad. My nearest supermarket has variety of fish from Himi (famous for fresh fish all over Japan).

Konbu-jime, Toyama’s specialty. They sandwich sashimi with seaweed called konbu.

The shop was on the north exit of Toyama station, I’ve seen a lot of Portrams afterwards while we were having tea. I didn’t know they have broad range of colour. Maybe I’ll go there again to take some pics.

Gigantic Watermelons from Toyama – Joys of Summer

Today I’ve been to local shopping centre to return DVDs. Unfortunately I was 7 mins late, DVDs were treated as delayed, had to pay the arrear of 480 yen for the ones I’ve rent in 200 yen. Ouch! I’ve once paid 3000 yen! Such a money!

As it’s already so hot as 10:00am, went around the shops and found them.

Very big watermelon. Perhaps about 20 kg. It’s from Kurobe, if you know Toyama already, it’s a place of Kurobe Dam, and Tateyama Kurobe Alpen Route.

We have a custom of sending gifts (usually foods) each other in summer and winter, in my family between relatives. Former is called o-chugen and latter is called o-seibo. In such periods gift corners appear in shops.

One another shot.

We eat lots of watermelons generally in summer. But how long does it take if you get such a big watermelon?

“Doyo no Ushi” Day

From Wikipedia

In Japan, mainly southern than Hokkaido, temps up to over 30 Celsius, something near 40 Celsius these days.

Today is “Doyo no Ushi” day. Doyo means before 18 days of Rissyu(first day of autumn in the old calender). Ushi means “ox”, you know Chinese Character or Zodiac. It’s today.

In Japan, although its custom is somewhat fading away, people eat eels which are soaked in “tare” (sauce, in good restaurant which has a long history) and grilled on warm rice – “Una don”.

In these years, many eels come from China. Today I’ll go out in the evening, perhaps will not be eating Unagi.

Umeshu (Japanese plum liquor)

It’s already July, and a bit late for making Umeshu, plum liquor. On and off, I have been making one since my 20s. “Ha! You sound like grandma” boys told me so used to say.

Failed to take pics plums before it’s they’re  soaked in alcohol, went to nearby supermarket but plums for both of Umeshu and Umeboshi(extremely sour plums usually eaten with rice or put in rice balls) were over.

So I’ll borrow the pic of green, not ripen plums from somewhere.

Came from All about page. Very excellent plums.

Ripen plums, turned yellow, are for Umeboshi. When you get 1kg of green plums, wash it gently, take off hulls and let them dry.

These are “White Liquor”, shocyu, especially for Umeshu or other fruits liquor. This time, I chose brandy type of liquor. So it’s brown from the first place.

There are special bottles for fruit liquor are sold, wash&dry them and in it you put plums and crystal sugar (it depends, but I used about 500g) and pour 1.8L of brandy liquor.

Then it will look like this.

All you have to is wait at least 3 months, and after that it matures as time passes.

You can also make strawberry, apple, apricot, nectarine etc. in this way. Especially recommended is (Chinese) quinces. It’s said to be good for throat, and smells very nice. Quinces are found at supermarket for very short time in late autumn.

Pic is from Wikipedia.

Japanese Style Tavern Itaru at Kanazawa

Itaru has over 10 years history, main tavern is in the same Kakinoki-batake area, though where we went was a different branch called Uoyaki Itaru.

They have 3 shops in all. About 5 people gathered, for the second time to meet. Strangely, they all carry smartphone and take photos whenever dishes arrives…:-)

(Click to enlarge)


You know we take off shoes inside the building. This shop’s shoes box was like that. Looks like a one of public bath.

Its interior is very impressive.
This photo, could not well taken, shows the illumination which light passes through the Japanese paper(washi), making soft atmosphere.

Which to decide…

Beer, first. Usually Most Japanese beer is lager. YEBISU, this one is said to be delicious and expensive (sorry, I can’t tell beer taste. Just don’t know).

In Japanese tavern, some small dish called “otooshi” comes along with the booze. Seems to be included in the fee.

Japanese ivory shell accompanied as “otooshi”.

Tohu salad.

We often eat boiled spinach etc. with Japanese soup stock and soy sauce, and it’s Kaga(around Kanazawa Area)Vegetable called “kinjiso”. They have many rare veggies, but sadly it’s not very kinji-so like. It should be sticky like natto.

Someone ordered. Harumaki (Chinese spring roll) was yummy.

Nuta of scad. I eat scads quite a lot. “Nuta” is a dish eaten with miso and vinegar. This presentation is beautiful. Everyone was excited.

Name forgotten, but everyone besides me told that it’s often eaten in Kanazawa. I was an only one from Toyama(July 22th added: it’s “Nodoguro”, very typical Kanazawa fish).

Again, scad. when deep-fried, you can eat even bones.

Oysters from Noto (long peninsula in Ishikawa) is in season. Sadly again, I didn’t think it’s so nice. Of course it was fresh.

About plum liquor, I’ll explain further soon.

We usually eat some rice or noodle.
Someone ordered “Ochazuke(rice with tea poured on it)” and shared it to me. We share everything.

As the last train approaching, I hurriedly left the shop, refusing the offer of owner to serve ice cream :-(.

Plus, there was no bus because it was Saturday, needed to take a taxi to the station.

(July 22nd added)
Shop info: Uoyaki Itaru
2-8 Kakinoki-batake, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
Tel: (0)76-233-1147
Closed:Sundays(if Monday is a holiday, opened)
Seats :16 seats at counter, 25 seats at table(on tatami, I remember).