Mika Yamamoto, “Human” Journalist, Shot Dead in Syria

Belated post…I did know Syria’s situation was quite terrible, but no idea Japanese female journalist was doing her job there.

On 21st when I heard the news, I spent the most of the day reading about her.

There is a collection of news about her in English in below list.


In the title of the post, “human journalist” is her father’s point of view, rather than “war journalist”, who was ex-Asahi Shimbun journalist.

Among another collection of news in Japanese, found two links to the videos of her body. In one she was wiped and clean, but for the second one I was asked twice by Youtube if I really going to view it. Both were taken by anti-Assad force.

One of her arm had a terrible scar and skin was peeled upward, and blood on her face…it was beginning to dry. Next to her there was sad Mr. Sato, her partner journalist. Her fatal injure is said to be bullet through her neck. Hope she didn’t suffer long.

R.I.P. Mika-san, although I’ve already touched by your texts on the net, will buy your book ASAP(there are two, only in Japanese).