Toyama Suiboku Museum(1) -What is Suibokuga?

Suibokuga is a style of painting originated from China. To paint, you use Chinese brush and black ink (very hard to wash off if it splashes to your clothes).

In my university days, just a short period I belonged to the Japanese Calligraphy Club, and in there some senpais(seniors)were adding beautiful drawings along with their calligraphy. Actually they were in colours, not precisely called suibokuga.

Suibokuga is painted only in black Chinese ink, and expressed its degree of thickness.

From the images from Wikipedia in Japanese, you can see how they look like.

(Click to enlarge)

“Pine Grove”(Tohaku Hasegawa, 1539-1610), National Tresure.

“Landscapes of autumn and winter”, Muromachi Period
(Sessyu, 1420-1502/1506), National Treasure. Sessyu was a priest.

In Toyama City, they bulit a Suibokuga Museum in 1999. Haven’t had a chance to visit, and in my first visit couldn’t see suibokuga because I’ve missed the train, in the next post will write what I’ve seen in there.

Toyama Suiboku Museum (in Japanese Only, with sound, uses Macromedia Flash)

(June 21 at 20:30, corrected museum’s name)


My Brother’s New Home Viewing Mt. Fuji

My brother’s home has finished construction in the end of March. I was not aware of that very much as my mother who lives with me. Living with old parents is difficult sometimes, but for now cannot help – it’s sometimes called “parasite children”. In Japan, sometimes single children stay with their parents, but considering that parents get older and need assistance, it’s not bad for them sometimes.

Anyway, she often told me, “It’s their matter, I don’t ask”. But in fact she is sometimes sending big boxes of Toyama food to his family. Especially for her loving grandsons. She’s got thank-you phone calls, actually she knew about progress!

Lately a bunch of photos came from Kanagawa Pref.(his place is about 50 away from Tokyo metropolitan area) as usual, most of them were of home being built, one of them there was a photo of room that you can view Mt. Fuji. Closer look, if you climb it’s not very beautiful with garbage, still its beauty is very special. It was my brother’s room.

People from Toyama feel unstable in other places, because they feel relaxed to see great mountains over 3000 metres when it’s fine. He was out of town when he was young, no longer speaks our dialect when back home, but after all he is from here.

Mt. Tate from Toyama City (Link to photographer’s page)