Fukushima’s Peaches Were Back To The Market, and Popular

This summer,  peaches from Fukushima are back.

Farmers did decontamination very thoroughly, and radiation is ND (not-detected). They sold peaches also on the net, and I’m the one who ordered them to JA Date, too. Now waiting them to come.

In Tokyo, seen the pic they are selling them on the road.

In Toyama, such as Yamanashi Pref, Nagano Pref are main places where peaches come from. Never tasted “a bit hard” Fukushima ones.

And also, when someone started conversation on twitter “hands-up if you have had Fukushima peaches!” many ppl did so, it became a tweet collection like this. So many ppl participated.

http://togetter.com/li/359996 (Japanese)

Next comes Japanese pears and rice, but as for these Toyama is not losing:)


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