Coursera Funder’s Presentation at TED

Daphne Koller: What we’re learning from online education

My study at Coursera is going on. But I’m always start viewing video around 2 hours before the quiz deadline. Last Monday, video has stopped, maybe because of overload of the server, and I missed submitting the quiz of “Vaccines” by just 1 minute.

It seems that this project is still trial and error stage. “Vaccines” I mentioned above has terminated on the screen by mistake, but actually class is still going on. Apologising e-mails were sent to students. Although the class is quite exciting, and Professor Paul appears in above video just a short time.

And, sometimes subtitles, which is indispensable for ppl like me, is sometimes off. Seems that they are using automated recognition, so sometimes [inaudible] appears in the subtitle many times although even I can hear what Professor is talking about.

As for “Fundamentals of Pharmacology”, I found that I need more knowledge in Japanese at first, so will get more professional book than I have now (I’d like to work in medical field translation).

From the next month, “Modern and Contemporary American Poetry” will start. @ModPoPenn(Oct 23, corrected this twitter account) twitter account is already working on. This one is solely on my interest, looking forward to what gonna happen.


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