Kaisen-don(sashimi on rice) lunch

Yesterday, I’ve been to lunch near of Toyama station with one of my friends.

Although it was still noon, cheers by beer.

It’s the lunch. On the warm rice, there are many kinds of sashimi. Also, Japanese pickles and miso-soup. Sashimi  was fresh and yummy, but what I’m eating usually isn’t also that bad. My nearest supermarket has variety of fish from Himi (famous for fresh fish all over Japan).

Konbu-jime, Toyama’s specialty. They sandwich sashimi with seaweed called konbu.

The shop was on the north exit of Toyama station, I’ve seen a lot of Portrams afterwards while we were having tea. I didn’t know they have broad range of colour. Maybe I’ll go there again to take some pics.


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