Been To The Pub “The White Hart”

Well, thanks so much of many “Like” and PVs I’ve never had. I didn’t know but this pub was publicised by TV advert, I had many Googits in my Japanese version blog.

So I’ve been to The White Hart on the opening day on 27th. Besides of James, Noel, Carly and Tomomi(James’ wife), there was a man identical to James, I was very surprised. He was James and Noel’s brother, MikeMark. He’s just come here by Virgin Atlantic, will be staying in Japan.

Entering in small lane in Otaya town, Western-style pub was surrounded by Japanese-style flower decorations.

(Click to enlarge)

What I brought is here, by Mr. Fujiki of Matsuda Garden in Toyama City, I wondered it might have been a bit small…

Surprisingly, it’s artificial.

My first order. Brands of beer is still limited, such as Premium Malts(Japanese so-so expensive bland, lager) and Guiness, I’ve ordered London Pride (13:39 added: according to Noel, “More beer options coming soon hopefully, a mix of the best Japanese craft beer and some great English options”).

As I can’t tell the taste of beer very much, ordered rum&cola using Habana Club. Never really tasted Cuban Rum. They are serving a mix of strong spirits such as whiskey, rum, vodka etc and soft drinks. I’ve ordered twice, quite strong.

For Tsukidashi(in Japan, they take charge, instead some snacks accompany), mixed nuts and this.

Closer look, the Hashioki (you place chopsticks) is deer-shaped! Cute!

BTW, I haven’t confirmed only to Noel, James and Mike Mark are big football fan. So there are autographed uniforms of football players.

Somehow, there were many chilled Redbull.

On the right side of the counter, vodka and rum.

On the left, whiskeys. Some single malts were seen.

In the pub, Buntings which Carly made were decorated all over the place. She did by herself, until she had pain in her hand.

Beside of this flag, there was bigger one and messages from their messagesstudents were being written in. But while I was chatting, the bar was beginning to be full, I thought it might not be a good idea to take a pic. Maybe next time. If I got to write something, “Players must be sixteen or over” 🙂

Monochrome photos which Noel and Carly taken.

I managed to catch the train one before the last. As it was a bit late.

Full of flowers…

This pub is near to Gascon, the bar I like, so maybe I’ll bar-hop in the near future.

Address: 2-7 Otaya machi, Takaoka City (in the back of Hotel New Otani Takaoka)
Tel (0)766 21 6333

Appendix: Happy Olympic!


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