English Language Teachers open an English Pub-“The White Hart” in Takaoka

Careful readers might have noticed there was a link to “Oddesey Blog” under the category of “English Learning”. That’s the school I’m learning British English privately for a year. In Japan schools having big networks over the nation is generally popular, but this school is quite at home and local.

James Faucett, originated from London is running the school, recently his brother Noel and Carly Seller(latter two are naturally photographers) joined. Now I’m visiting to Noel’s place and chatting for 1 hour, once a month.

And more, they’ll open a pub!

There is a symbol drawing which Carly has drawn, lovely albino white deer, but it’s invisible in this photo.

(inserted at 23:03)

Opening party is 27th!
I’m not a party girl at all, but maybe will attend and have a couple of drinks.

The White Hart
2-7 Otaya machi, Takaoka City, Toyama 933-0029
Tel:(0)766 21 6333
Open: From 27th 8pm

During the Olympic season, they’ll be open until late.


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