Trams in Toyama(2)- Centram

I’ve surprised to get accesses for tram post.

Does that mean there are many tram otaku :-)?

The other day, finally I’ve enjoyed taking Centram, so here to report.

Didn’t know there was a new station here. “Grand Plaza” is a multi-purpose space adjacent to the department store Daiwa. Made to get back shoppers from suburban.

Here it comes!

Got on! It’s inside. To avoid takingto take a photo of somebody’s face, it was the best shot I could.

It was not apparent in the upper photos, in the body of tram a thunderbird is drawn. We can see the birds in high mountain, and Toyama is one of the place they live. We even have the express called “Thunderbird”. Once seen the bird in Mt. Norikura (neighbouring Gifu Prefecture) by a school trip when I was a kid.

Actually I’ve witnessed Portram too, but it went away soon. Hopefully take some pics ASAP.


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