Korean Boom, Korean Seasoning in Japan

Since 10 years or so ago, Korean culture has begun to flood into our culture. Dramas, films, songs and foods….

People learning Korean language have also hugely increased.

I’m not so eager to watch Korean love stories, which captured Japanese womens’ heart, nor Korean idols.

Just some food and serious films. Such as “Silmido“.

Today, I’ll introduce you a sauce I often make and store in fridge.

Just sesame is out of stock, before stiring.

My net friend, who is Korean-Japanese was not so precise about how much spoonful… something about that.

Ingredients: garlic(minced), ginger(minced), Japanese leak (minced), sesame oil, sesame, Korean red pepper(powder), soy sauce(there seems to Korean one exist) etc.

Each home has its own recipe.

In the plastic pack, Japanese-made kimchi, which my net friend calls as “fake”.

Yesterday’s lunch. Instead of Korean chilled noodle, made this using Japanese somen (thin noodles mainly eaten in summer).


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