Higashiyama – Old Town of Geisha

After leaving the washi shop, I headed to Asano River. It was the place kimono, Kanazawa’s original Yuzens were washed before sawn.

According to this blog writer, the remaining person that washing Yuzen in Asano River is only one now.


It looks peaceful but this river floods sometimes.

In my university days Higashiyama was not so famous to outside Ishikawa people I suppose, but then it was rebuilt for tourists, every time I see here on TV travellers in TV always go here.

Actually Higashi-Chayagai is the very small lane, but Higashiyama (literally, “east mountain”) is wider.

Many ordinary ppl live aside from souvenir shops or restaurants.

Most old houses are like these; of course made of wood.

Probably, not sure, it’s a very posh restaurant. “Ichigen-san”, first time customer would be refused.

And it’s a poster of Geisha Dancing Festival.

It was around twilight, some people were walking with their dogs.

Lights began to lit…

And at a shrine too…

As I walked quite a lot, on the way back to Kanazawa Station, took some rest on the banks of the river.

My souvenir. Natural salt made by authentic process in Noto Peninsula (North of Kanazawa). 500 yen.

It’s a shame because I took quite a lot of pics…


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