Umeshu (Japanese plum liquor)

It’s already July, and a bit late for making Umeshu, plum liquor. On and off, I have been making one since my 20s. “Ha! You sound like grandma” boys told me so used to say.

Failed to take pics plums before it’s they’re  soaked in alcohol, went to nearby supermarket but plums for both of Umeshu and Umeboshi(extremely sour plums usually eaten with rice or put in rice balls) were over.

So I’ll borrow the pic of green, not ripen plums from somewhere.

Came from All about page. Very excellent plums.

Ripen plums, turned yellow, are for Umeboshi. When you get 1kg of green plums, wash it gently, take off hulls and let them dry.

These are “White Liquor”, shocyu, especially for Umeshu or other fruits liquor. This time, I chose brandy type of liquor. So it’s brown from the first place.

There are special bottles for fruit liquor are sold, wash&dry them and in it you put plums and crystal sugar (it depends, but I used about 500g) and pour 1.8L of brandy liquor.

Then it will look like this.

All you have to is wait at least 3 months, and after that it matures as time passes.

You can also make strawberry, apple, apricot, nectarine etc. in this way. Especially recommended is (Chinese) quinces. It’s said to be good for throat, and smells very nice. Quinces are found at supermarket for very short time in late autumn.

Pic is from Wikipedia.


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