Japanese Style Tavern Itaru at Kanazawa

Itaru has over 10 years history, main tavern is in the same Kakinoki-batake area, though where we went was a different branch called Uoyaki Itaru.

They have 3 shops in all. About 5 people gathered, for the second time to meet. Strangely, they all carry smartphone and take photos whenever dishes arrives…:-)

(Click to enlarge)


You know we take off shoes inside the building. This shop’s shoes box was like that. Looks like a one of public bath.

Its interior is very impressive.
This photo, could not well taken, shows the illumination which light passes through the Japanese paper(washi), making soft atmosphere.

Which to decide…

Beer, first. Usually Most Japanese beer is lager. YEBISU, this one is said to be delicious and expensive (sorry, I can’t tell beer taste. Just don’t know).

In Japanese tavern, some small dish called “otooshi” comes along with the booze. Seems to be included in the fee.

Japanese ivory shell accompanied as “otooshi”.

Tohu salad.

We often eat boiled spinach etc. with Japanese soup stock and soy sauce, and it’s Kaga(around Kanazawa Area)Vegetable called “kinjiso”. They have many rare veggies, but sadly it’s not very kinji-so like. It should be sticky like natto.

Someone ordered. Harumaki (Chinese spring roll) was yummy.

Nuta of scad. I eat scads quite a lot. “Nuta” is a dish eaten with miso and vinegar. This presentation is beautiful. Everyone was excited.

Name forgotten, but everyone besides me told that it’s often eaten in Kanazawa. I was an only one from Toyama(July 22th added: it’s “Nodoguro”, very typical Kanazawa fish).

Again, scad. when deep-fried, you can eat even bones.

Oysters from Noto (long peninsula in Ishikawa) is in season. Sadly again, I didn’t think it’s so nice. Of course it was fresh.

About plum liquor, I’ll explain further soon.

We usually eat some rice or noodle.
Someone ordered “Ochazuke(rice with tea poured on it)” and shared it to me. We share everything.

As the last train approaching, I hurriedly left the shop, refusing the offer of owner to serve ice cream :-(.

Plus, there was no bus because it was Saturday, needed to take a taxi to the station.

(July 22nd added)
Shop info: Uoyaki Itaru
2-8 Kakinoki-batake, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
Tel: (0)76-233-1147
Closed:Sundays(if Monday is a holiday, opened)
Seats :16 seats at counter, 25 seats at table(on tatami, I remember).


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