Bargain Sale Started in Kanazawa & Tanabata Decoration

On Saturday, I took a train to Kanazawa for a drink as a Twitter F2F (face to face) party.

On the way, I’ve found that Bargain has already started (also in Toyama). Bit early to start in June, I suppose? Because I’ve reduced lots of meds and lost weight quite a lot since last year, had to buy many T-shirts, a couple of cotton shirts and summer trousers since May, of course choosing time when small sales are held.

So no need to buy things anymore, even got a pair of sandals already, just looking whilst passing by.

Yukata (summer cotton kimno) was also on sale.

There is a renewed fashion building called “Linto” adjacent to Kanazawa Station. I often go to book store, and sometimes having pasta there.

After taking bus to centre of the city and got off, found Tanabata decoration.

Tanabata(July 7th) is based on a romantic Chinese myth, in which lovers Hikoboshi (star Altair) and Orihime (“hime” means “princess”-star Vega) can see each other once a year across the Milky Way. If it rains on this day, they can’t meet.


In the next post, I’ll introduce you a Japanese style tavern.


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