Lady Kaga

Lady Kaga means “Women from Kaga who have spirits of hospitality”, according to the video description below.
Kaga is an old name of Southern Ishikawa Prefecture.

Being our neighbouring Prefecture, Ishikawa is rich in onsens(hot spring). In addition, it’s a tourism town and one of many “Little Kyotos”. Historic architectures (because it haven’t burned down in WWII like Toyama), super famous garden Kenrokuen and geisya area Higashi-chaya gai, so every time I go there to consult my clinic, see many tourists, some are from abroad.

Actually I’m not so interested in onsens so much in general. Basically it’s for group starting 2 to 4, if company trips more than ten, and I love to travel alone. Luxury hotels and too gorgeous meals are too much for me. So I haven’t got much to say about Yamanaka onsen. Cheaper “Super-Sento (I’ll write in the future soon)” is just enough.

Anyway, they started advertising borrowing the name of Gaga. Video is nice and impactful, I have to say.

Here’s a poster I found at Kanazawa Station.

Hope many tourists will visit Yamanaka onsen!


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