Trams in Toyama

For some reason, I’m temporarily stopping driving a car.

In Toyama City, sometimes using trams to move. It comes every 5 to 10 mins in daytime, quite convenient.

There seems to be two companies running trams now – Toyama Light Rail and Toyama Local Railway. Both has no English website, but English Wikipedias are available.

Toyama Light Rail Toyamakō Line

The Toyamakō Line (富山港線 Toyamakō-sen?) is a tram line of Toyama Light Rail in the city of Toyama, the capital of Toyama Prefecture. The line runs from Toyamaekikita, right next to Toyama Station, bounds for north to Iwasehama in a town of the Toyama Port on Sea of Japan.[1]

Pic taken from the Wikipedia above.

This tram is called “Portram”. And another one is,

Toyama Chihō Railway(some say Toyama Local Railway, like above).

The Toyama Chihō Railway (富山地方鉄道 Toyama Chihō Tetsudō?, “Toyama Regional Railway”) is a transportation company in Toyama, Toyama, Japan. The company is commonly known as Chitetsu (地鉄?). The private company operates railway, tram, and bus lines in the eastern part of the prefecture.

There are several types of trams running. Newest trams “Centram” are not running regularly and I haven’t taken it yet. Though, when I was walking down the street in Toyama City the other day, saw a new tram.

And its route is as below:

I didn’t know one route has added!

I’m not sure of city’s plan for future, but heard that all tram route will be connected in the end. There are only several cities in Japan where trams are running. So these are subject to drawing attention from other area, even abroad.


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