Toyama Suiboku Museum(2) -Ikuo Hirayama Exihibition.

Ikuo Hirayama deceased in recent year(2009) was one of the greatest Japanese-style painters.

Wanted to go to his exhibition at Suiboku Museum, but because of my irregular job schedule, it was postponed until the last day, May 20th. What was worse, I missed the train and there was not so much time left.

I’ve heard that museum was boring before, although on seeing on my own, building and environment were quite tasteful. Access was very easy using the tram from Toyama station and walking a while.

One side of the gate, from the near side of the tram station.

And there was a pond covered with glass, unknown birds were singing, families were enjoying the view.

Could be some meaning of this alignment of stones, like Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto.

Museum itself had so-so usual appearance, just surroundings are soothing.

So, about Hirayama. He was born in Onomichi City, Hiroshima and was exposed to radiation as a child, just 3km away from the centre of exprosion.

A leaflet of his exhibition and ticket, along with the postcard of same masterpiece.

Some of famous his works are about Silk Road, something like these and these. I like blue very much, and his blue was deep and just terrific. Unfortunately, as I was late, much of goods of these blue masterpieces were already sold.

I make it a rule to buy some postcards when I go to museums. If I had some budget, maybe picture books from next time (when I went to Prado Museum Collection in Tokyo, quite regretted of not buying one).

What I’ve bought.

It’s a sketch, could not find English title, but literally translated to “Bamiyan Buddha Statue”. He has traveled many Asian countries, also Afghanistan, and was saddened to know the news that statues were destroyed. For remembrance, he insisted to leave the broken Buddhas as a “Negative Heritage”.

This one as well, no English translation available, but literally “The Old Man in the Central Asia”.

Also no translation seems to be available, something like “A Prayer(Ellora stone cave)”. Ellora is in India.

This exhibition has been going around all over Japan since last year.

Sagawa Museum’s Ikuo Hirayama Exhibition- The Road to The Great Tang Central Asian Drawings(only in Japanese)

Niigata and Akita are still remaining.

Finally, the other side of the gate, bench and a lantern.


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